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Holistic therapy in the Howardian Hills

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Founder / Therapist / Channel / Mum

hello there and welcome to my page. I'm a mum of three amazing cublings and live in the beautiful Howardian Hills near the historic city of York. 

I've been offering holistic therapies and space-holding for clients for over thirty years. My own cyclical challenges have led me to the work I do now, supporting women throughout their individual cyclical journeys; menarche, fertility, pregnancy, birth, post-birth. I have a particular interest in trauma and peri/menopause.

I work intuitively, using a host of holistic practices: Advanced Mizan Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki, talking therapy, and others.

I believe I am a channel and rather than a "fix it" treatment, I offer a unique, personal, tailored service.

For further information, please feel free to email me:


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Service Offerings


Advanced Mizan Massage

£150 / hour

Lasting 1 hour

I am an Advanced Mizan practitioner with a wealth of experience and clients. Mizan is a beautiful, intimate, comfortable and regenerative massage centred around the womb-space. 


Distant Massage

£75 / hour

Lasting 1 hour

In this unique - but powerful - distant massage, I draw from experience in Reiki and abdominal massage techniques to perform a metaphysical massage. Yep. You read that right. All the benefits of a physical, in person massage, but none of the travel.



£350 / day

beginning at 10am, lasting 4 hours

My most intimate offering. Hosting you at my home for the day, we'll chat, drink, eat, massage, drum, dance, shout, sleep ... whatever you need. You then leave later that day feeling nourished, held and refreshed

Home: Services


Paving The Way

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Mizan Therapy

Mizan Therapy is responsible for all Mizan training and supervision. We work very closely to maintain adequate training and participate actively in the gorgeous community of holistic therapists


Howardian Research Laboratory

As local consultants in Environmental Law and Economics, we work with HRL to become better educated on sustainability in our surrounding area, as well as outsourcing all Howardian Health legal services to Charles at HRL

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Well Woman Therapies

Collaborating through keeping each other held and supported, B2B, friend to friend

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Oh My Goddess

Nikki is my Cacao supplier and good friend

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